After a great few years, I decided to change my direction. The resine workshop is closed, therefore, the Manche-Orgone web site is closed too.


I would like to thank you all, professionals and individuals who, through your questions and opinions, have made my job extremely rewarding.

Thank you especially to Nemesis (he will recognize himself), Mara, Jean-Claude and Dennis, the early companions.

Also thank you to Anne and Frantz who helped me by teaching dowsing, acquire certainty about my fabrications.

Thank you to Pierre for his teaching and all my colleagues in the research group IEFS for experimentation, exploring new ways of interaction of orgone energy, geobiologybiomagnetism and fengshui. Their ideas made ​​me realize new types of generators involving waveforms, energy of different crystals and metals whose effects have been and remain astounding.


Thank you to Mom and my aunts who gave me their knowledge, accompanied and guided in this direction.

Again thank you from my heart and my best thoughts are with you.

Pierre Guenneguez

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:14