The Orgone


The Orgone is the vital energy (qi) which harmonizes all forms of life with Mother Earth. There are two kinds of Orgone : the positive one which harmonizes and the negative one which destroys.

Some researchers like Wilhelm Reich found that organic stuff acumulate positive Orgone and nonferrous metals reflect it. Thus Karl Welz came to create the Orgonite , mixture of polymers with long chains of carbon and metals.

Then the addition of crystals made Orgone generators.

The generator is based on energetic properties of quartz crystal ; when it's compressed, it produces a constant positive energy so called piezoelectric (energy used for watches, lighters ...). By its frequency, this energy is in harmony with the living.

At the same time, the generator, composed of Orgonite, attracts and transmutes negative energies surrounding.

These negative energies are those whose frequencies are not in harmony with living cells. These energies are generated by human activity, they derive from various electromagnetic polutions, mobile, wireless, microwave, electric appliances, power lines. But they also have natural causes: natural radioactivity, telluric faults, magnetic fields, underground water courses.